Thursday, 14 October 2010

My Creative Space

Yesterday the postman brought something really exciting - a big bag of icelandic wool! I bought a 500 gram pack - 100g each of five different natural shades.

Last night I began spinning it up on my drop spindle, I have only just begun spinning, so I'm not looking for any prizes! I'm hoping to spin it up and ply it into a fairly chunky yarn that I can then knit into a cardigan for me - a pretty hairy cardigan I think.

I'm a big fan of all things Icelandic, though mainly the mediaeval literature side of things so far. I've begun doing some research on Icelandic wool and Icelandic sheep, and they sound pretty special. I've read about the longer outer hairs (tog) and the soft inner hairs (thel); their sundry uses, and different ways of spinning them. But there's a lot more for me to read (and experiment with ) yet! When I've accumulated enough information I'll cobble it together here. And if anyone reading has any interesting info I'd be fascinated to read it!

Right now I'm going back to continue my spinning experiment :-)

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