Monday, 17 January 2011

Iceland, wonderful Iceland!

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Ever since I started learning old Norse ten years ago I have been completely and absolutely fascinated by Iceland. My teacher, as well as opening doors on the amazing world of the sagas, part history and part wonder, told me all sorts of interesting facts about Iceland. Its use of geothermal power, its waterfalls, lagoons, the view of  blackened lava fields as you fly over southern Iceland into Keflavik airport, the friendliness of Icelandic farmers - the list is endless.
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And over the last ten years I have desperately wanted to visit Iceland, and to increase my knowledge of Iceland, its language and culture. Life in its various forms has got in the way - but still my main aim in life is to do a PhD on something a bit Norsey. And visit Iceland of course. Knitting is another passion of mine, but only for the first time yesterday did I think to put the two together, and google "knitting tours Iceland". And what did I find!!!
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It is possible to do a knitting tour in Iceland. In fact there is a choice of several to cater for all different appetites! Hiking and knitting, running and knitting, knitting with your children tagging along, knitting with rock music, knitting and spa - surely everyone's tastes are catered for.  This feast of delights is provided by a company called Knitting Iceland. Founded by two knitters, Ragga and Helene, Knitting Iceland combines Icelandic knitting heritage with lots of lovely knitting stuff.  (I have also only just discovered, by the way, from looking at Knitting Iceland, that the famous Lopi yarn is not spun. The fibres are drawn out and knitting, just like that. And there was me spinning it, and ending up with quite a scratchy, heavy product!) (Duh!)

As well as the tours, Ragga also sells her own range of hand-dyed Icelandic yarn, patterns, dvds and kits on her beautiful etsy shop.

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She also has her own blog, full of interesting insights, and a ravelry group, full of interesting people and chat. There is a facebook page as well.
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And finally, for even more interesting information, especially about the tours and about knitting in Iceland, Ragga is interviewed on Alana's podcast at her NeverNotKnitting blog (which is yet another lovely place I found to go to on the internet yesterday!)

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  1. Thank you co very much for sharing!!!

  2. I was so excited I had to share!!!

  3. When I see these intricate knits I so often wish I had the patience and inclination for them!
    Iceland is high on my list too :)

  4. Love those color shades! And this ideas of knitting holidays is fun!