Thursday, 17 February 2011

My Creative Space - computers...

This week I have been doing lots of work on my computer for a change. I've set up a new website which should be going live soon. I've been working on my Teeny Teddy knitting pattern, which is very almost ready... and will be available as a free tutorial soon! And I've been tinkering about with Gimp, AdSense and AdWords - all things that make for a steep learning curve.

But I've found some time to do something a little bit creative:-)

Check out Kirsty's blog for more creative spaces:-)


  1. Hi Amy - am really pleased the UK tax articles on the blog are useful! Let me know if there's anything you'd particularly like to be covered...
    Lois TootHillMedley

  2. Such a sweet heart!
    Computer stuff isn't all that creative, somewhat useful though, bah.


  3. Lovely bear! A lot of people will be happy to get a free tutorial for this.
    I think, web-design can be creative, too, but I mostly enjoy seeing my three-dimensional product more.

  4. I enjoy seeing the products of my computer work - but it's still not as satisfying as making something out of itchy woolly wool!