Thursday, 3 February 2011

My Creative Space

I am making a cardigan for my friend. She has chosen the colour and shape, and all I have to do is knit it. It will be a long cardigan, with drop sleeves, ribbed edging, and a collar.  She has chosen these fantastic bright stripes of red and burgundy against a variegated background - and she has chosen reverse stocking stitch, which I think breaks up the blocks of colour brilliantly.

Anyone who has ever made anything knows about the special and secret relationship between How Things Are Planned To Be, and How Things Turn Out. My friend lives in Holland, so I'm a little nervous without regular fittings (although knitting blind has always worked in the past, fingers crossed). Maybe I should have more confidence in Maths...

I am using Drops Eskimo, for the first time. This is pure wool, but very very soft - almost like merino. It is single ply and so splits fairly easily, but it's still a pleasure to knit with. I'm using 5.5mm needles and it's knitting up into a lovely warm fabric with a nice drape.

The cardigan will be ready by the end of February - the moment of truth!

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  1. Looks exciting! Love the color choice! ;)

  2. Oh wow, I love the colours! I bet it'll look fantastic when it's done.

  3. It is looking better and better the bigger it gets :-)