Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Something for wool lovers!

This week I have got even more lovely wool to play with than usual.

I am knitting a scarf in lovely kidsilk - such a deliciously rich, chocolatey colour.

And this afternoon a HUGE bag of grey wool arrived, intended for a cardigan for my Mum - a little late for the depths of winter maybe, but a cardigan is a useful item of clothing all year round. This will be a very cosy cardigan, with a mandarin neck and some simple geometric patterning around the collar, cuffs and bottom in black, white and grey. I haven't designed the pattern yet, but I will probably draw upon my hat from Peru - possibly minus the llama!

In the same big bag of goodies was this big squidgey ball - my new favourite! It is Andes from Drops, part alpaca part wool,  and has only just become available from their UK stockists, Scandinavian Knitting Design. I have been planning to make a cardigan for myself for a couple of years (since I left my favourite cashmere cardigan at a toddler group in Voorhout...) and I think it might be made from this.

Scandinavian Knitting Design have also got these on special offer :-)

And finally, I'm still trying to think of something to make out of this lovely wool from Sirdar. My sister bought it for Pia - you can see why!

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  1. I love the colour of "Pia", and the yarn that arrived for your Mum's cardi looks so lush and squishy!!! Sigh :)

  2. I love the gray and burgundy one, beautiful colors!