Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Needlefelted chicks

Inspired by Vilt a la Kim a few weeks ago, my little Pia and I decided to try felting some Easter eggs, using Shetland wool, water and soap. Pia made some brilliant eggs but mine didn't turn out so well, so I decided to embellish them with a spot of needlefelting. And this is what came out :-)

You can see Pia's lovely tiny little eggs to the right of the chicks.

This might be the last batch of Easter animals I make (no promises though...) I think this spring and summer may require lots of lace and crocheted garments, and I've got lots of ideas to work on....


  1. Just browsing and came across your adorable chicks and Pia's colorful them!
    Ali ;-)

  2. They were cute - we had fun making them :-) I'm most definitely not brave enough to let a four year old loose with a barbed needle though - even though I've heard of other people doing it. Mainly, I confess, because I'm scared the needle will get broken...!!