Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A holiday, and a guessing game

This week we are away from home on a little holiday of sorts....

Can you guess where we are?

A lovely wood in the Englischer Garten
Trees in the Hofgarten

I grant you this isn't much of a clue, but it is a lovely spot!

Enjoying an Amerikaner
Enjoying an Amerikaner - Üniversität

And this isn't really much of a clue either - but it does show my wonderful hat from Moaning Minnie! (which, shortly after this photo was taken, was covered in chocolate. Good job it's easily washable!!)

Surfers in the Eisbach
Surfing on the Eisbach

Here are some people surfing on river as it emerges from underground! There was a signpost suggesting people don't try it if they're drunk...


And here is the same small river in a more tranquil mood. What an amazing green colour.

View from the Englischer Garten
Frauenkirche from the Englischer Garten

This is a pretty big clue - onion domes. You should know where it is by now - unless, of course, you are as generally ignorant about European cities like me :-)

I think now München is my favourite city - it is beautiful, clean, the weather is wonderful, the hotel we're staying in is lovely, the people are friendly, the food is excellent, the beer is eminently quaffable to say the least (and I'm not the biggest beer drinker), and a Bretzel can be used not only as a cheap, portable and delicious snack, but also as a fun way of making letters for three year olds.

Dragon on the Rathaus
Dragon on the Rathaus

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