Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Creative Space - a complete reshuffle!!

There have been some Great Changes in Amy and Pia's household.... everything has been turned completely topsy turvy.... unprecedentedly so. Relocating between countries on a shoestring is nothing compared to this mega change!!! And we (or at least I) feel a lot better for it.

Here is a clue:

What we ate yesterday evening
and here is another clue

What we'll be eating at midday today
Ok, I can now hear little voices asking what the big deal is. Well, since I was little I have had a dinner (big hot meal) at dinner time (evening), and a lunch (small, light repast), at lunchtime (noon or shortly after). It was the other way round once, but at some point (when we started going to school I'm told) it was switched, and dinner was had of an evening.

I have always thought it made more sense to eat more early in the day and take in less calories as daylight hours progressed, but I always liked eating something hot in the evening. But I've been watching my little Pia eating, and not eating, and I think she has it right. She doesn't eat much, only when she's hungry - which tends to be in the middle of the day.

And now the change has been effected it's brilliant. I have more energy in the morning, I enjoy my breakfast more, little Pia eats more of her midday dinner, I don't have a big heap of washing up to do before bed.... Why on earth didn't I do it earlier?

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  1. Oooo... good idea! :o) But I think I need to keep things the way they are because husband takes sandwiches and I'd be denying him a proper meal if I switched now. :-/

  2. Yes, my husband is a small, unfed imperfection in the glory of the new regime! Poor neglected husbands!!

  3. What a fabulous notion! I'm going to try it now that the school holidays have started, if only for the sake of experimentation and boredom of coming up with the seventeen 'snacks' per day! (That three year old can put away more than the rest of us four together)...

  4. Sounds like this has beena good change for you and your family - great to try a different regime!

    Really enjoyed looking through your blog - loved the knitted 'wheel-guard?' in your last post - fascinating idea!

    Alison :)