Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My Creative Space

Pia recently had a birthday (4!!!) so we need to write some thank you cards...

needle felted owl card

needle felted cat portrait card

needle felted cat card

Needle felting pictures is quite time consuming though, so I may have to think of something quicker to decorate my cards with, or it'll be Pia's next birthday before I finish them all!

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  1. They're lovely. :o) I'm so lazy - I'd just let 3 yr old loose with the felt tips and stickers. :o)

  2. That is a good idea Gina, that might be this morning's activity!

  3. Amazing cards, particularly the owl! How lovely to have a handmade Thank you.
    We make one (usually hand-drawn) and copy of yours would look great....although the fuzzy versions look soooo feelable!
    Ali ;-)

  4. That is a good idea. I did have a dream recently about a funny little comic strip card that I could draw and make. But I forgot it when I woke up :-( It was funny too, at least in dream-world!!