Thursday, 9 June 2011

My new hat from Moaning Minnie

I love hats, everyone who has ever seen me knows that. Usually I can be seen modelling a beret or a cap - a beret keeps the wind out of my ears in the winter, and a cap keeps the sun out of my eyes in the summer.

But for a long time I've wanted a hat with a larger brim to give all round sun protection. And, of course, for years I have been on a constant search for the perfect hat, that I can just put on without thinking, and goes with all outfits.... the Holy Grail hat....

a finished itme, decorating my moaning minnie hat

This is my perfect hat, customised with my own flower. I bought it from Moaning Minnie. Its wonderful features are:
  • It fits! (not the easiest thing, finding a hat that fits!) Doesn't blow off AND doesn't squash  my hair 
  • It is a lovely cloche shape, keeping the sun off my face without getting in the way
  • It can be squashed up into a bag
  • It is easily washable
  • It has a darker colour inside the brim to minimise sun-glare
  • It is  a neutral colour, so I can decorate it myself if I require extra outfit matching

In short it is amazing, and wonderful, and perfect :-)

Here is the original item as listed in Minnie's shop - on mine she added a really lovely vintage buckle which will go with anything

And here am I enjoying wearing my best hat (in the company of tiny teddy.... photo courtesy of Pia)

And finally, here are some more of Minnie's lovely hats


  1. Fantastic sun hat! :o) Minnie's work is fab.

  2. That is a really lovely new hat Amy! Really suits you xx

  3. It is gorgeous and I love it ;-) Minnie is so clever!

  4. Lovely hat, but then I'd expect nothing less from minnie!