Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stupid Mosquitoes!!!

So, for the last couple of weeks I have been in Germany, looking for a house (more about that later). And while I was there, enjoying the sunshine, the thunderstorms, the brilliant food - the evil German mosquitoes were enjoying ........ me!!!! I was outraged. I very rarely get bitten by mozzies, I'm usually the smug person watching everyone else scratching....

Anyway, the evening before leaving I covered myself in an extra thick layer of Autan. And the next morning I woke up with a mega-bite on my leg. I mean mega. Über mega. It began about 3 inches in diameter, and has been growing ever since, and it has been driving me absolutely crazy, needless to say.

But this afternoon I met my good friend Jo, who told me she always has allergic reactions to mosquito bites. She says she uses tea tree oil to calm them down. I tried it when I got home - and it worked a treat!! So now I know the answer to really annoying giant mosquito bites: tea tree oil, mixed with a little bit of moisturiser.


  1. Oooh! I suffer really badly with bites - I'm definitely going to try this - thank you!

  2. And marmite Helen!! I have heard that marmite discourages mozzies, and I haven't eaten much recently.. I'm going to make sure I eat marmite regularly, and hope my anti-mosquito-luck comes back :-)

  3. Do you have to eat the Marmite or smear it on?LOL
    Glad the tea tree oil is working

  4. LOL Dotty! Perhaps best to try both? Might keep away all sorts of unwanted attention!!

  5. Yikes! That doesn't sound good! I don't have much trouble with mosquitoes, but Mr Morrgan gets terrible huge red bites - will mention the tea tree oil to him.

    Using Marmite might be a bit much to ask though. :D