Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Displacement Activity

Remember this little chap? Here he is with a body, and arms and legs. He's turned out to be a little broad in the beam, but still cute :-)

And here are a couple of other things I made, fiddling around with different sorts of wool

This black cat is very difficult to take a photo of. I knew red was a tricky colour to photograph, and now I realise black is too....

Needless to say, while I've been tinkering about making these I should have been doing umpteen other, more important jobs...


  1. I looooove your displacement activity and fiddling! The teddy is fabulous and those snoozing cats are so peaceful and serene! Im hoping someone will invent feely vision soon!
    A little bit of distraction is great once in a while, especially if it produces such amazing results!
    Ali x

  2. Thanks cig :-)

    You are right Ali, I like to view displacement activity positively, and take the tide at its flood! So much easier to do things when you want to do them, rather than forcing yourself. Feely vision would be cool. So would smellovision (only selectively of course) - sometimes I can almost smell the lovely wool in people's pictures!!

  3. they're lovely. I agree that black is hard to photo (and red! why do so many of my trekkies insist on red uniforms?) and I also HATE knitting with black. can't count rows to save my life.

    I love your sleeping kitties though - so simple, yet so lifelike.

  4. I agree heather, black is a very difficult colour to count! And aren't the red ones the ones who always die??? I'm going to try sleeping dogs next :-)