Thursday, 14 July 2011

Making a paper bag

I've put this here mainly to remind myself how to do it!!! 


  1. What a fab step by step bag!
    I spent a considerable time one day making a paper bag for gifts (I had to make it without a gusset as I couldn't work out how to put one in!) much to the amusment of the chaps in the house who couldn't fathom the need to re-invent a paper bag! However I must say the ladies that received them were impressed!
    I had to make it over and over to get it into my head... your idea of the photographic tutorial is great as a memory jogger!
    Ali x

  2. Lol Ali :-) I spent some time looking on the internet for an easy guide, eventually slept on it and brewed up my own version that I could see in my mind's eye (probably thanks to all the tutorials I looked at), made one, and then forgot it. Then worked it out again - then forgot it over night. So now it is set in virtual stone!! Very useful things, little paper bags :-)