Tuesday, 12 July 2011

More experiments with a needle!!

This time it's not been me doing the experimenting though.

Lovely wonderful Gina from FeltByGina sent me some bits of wool she doesn't want any more. We went to the post office to pick up the parcel (always very exciting) and as soon as we got home tiny Pia was itching to have a go with the needles. She's always wanted to, ever since she first saw a felting needle, but I've never been very confident about giving a tiny person such a delicate tool, especially when it doubles up as a lethal weapon! But this time she was just so desperate I decided to sacrifice a needle and let her have a proper go. She is four now, after all. And ten minutes later this is what she'd come up with!!!

She went for the electric pink like a homing pigeon, of course, and carefully selected black and green to make a flower.

Then she decided she had to make a dice (ok, die, tchah, pedants!!), again with the black. Such a nice contrast after all. With this one I did help a little bit to make into more of a cube shape.

So thank you Gina!!! For giving me a lovely bag of wool in all different colours, that I will get a lot of pleasure out of when I get a bit of time. And thank you for prompting me to trust the incredible dexterity of my four year old, thereby giving me a way of keeping her amused!!!


  1. That is so cute! Well done for reaching that level of trust, Amy - no way am I there with 3 yr old (he's 3 1/2). He'd thinkI'd given him a mini sword, or something.

    Pia's flower is fab. :o) No for a brooch back, or something, so she can attach it to her favourite bag and show it off. :o)

  2. I did just that Gina - put a little safety pin on the back, because she said she'd made it as a brooch for her granny... she went beserk that I'd messed with her gift, and I had to take it off again pronto!! The whims of small children are fierce and inexplicable.... :-)

  3. Pia has done a great job!

  4. Wow what wonderful felting from Pia!
    My lad has recently been let lose with a needlefelting needle, he's in double figures,...whilst I was reminding him not to stab too far he pointed out that the depth of the foam was greater than the length of the needle....!
    Its so good that you can trust Pia, and she made such a beautiful flower.
    Ali x