Sunday, 31 July 2011

More needle felted animals :-)

I've started putting some little needle felted animals in my shop.

This little sleeping cat is the first - he's only about 3 x 3cm, and fast asleep :-)

And this labrador puppy will be going on next :-)

I'm still not sure about packaging though. Any ideas??


  1. OOh they are amazing - your cat is so peaceful!
    I presume you are talking about packaging for posting - I've used an egg box lid with a piece of card on the open side (tied in place with a ribbon/wool bow)to make a more sturdy frame in padded envelopes. If they are small enough could you slip them into a slice of kitchen roll tube or an OXO box?!! ...or could you reinforce your paper bags somehow? I squirrel away packaging and wrapping in case of opportunities!
    Hope you find a solution and let us know - I love seeing other people's ingenious packaging designs - especially re-using !
    Ali x

  2. An egg box! That is a genius idea!! I have been squirreling away potential packaging for years - and every so often I have to throw it all out to get space because I haven't used it.... I thought of making little boxes out of sturdy cardboard but it has to be easy enough to be practical. I never thought of egg boxes!

  3. Here it is in pictures!
    Liz at That Fuzzy Feeling has just posted about packaging too!
    Have fun!
    Ali x