Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Etsy auf Deutsch! / Etsy in German!

Etsy has just introduced listing in German - French and Dutch are apparently soon to follow. So I have begun the entertaining task of listing in German as well as in English. Entertaining because my German can probably only be understood when accompanied by sign language, and possibly diagrams - although since I have a translator to check what I've written (he's also called a husband sometimes) the comedy value is restricted. But if you'd like to see Etsy in German, there's a handy tab in the top right hand corner of the item listing.

Brown Rat/Braune Ratte
This is my first bilingual listing - more to follow!!


  1. I can only see it in English. Maybe because I am signed in to the UK page.

  2. hmmm interesting!! linguistic apartheid... :-)