Thursday, 10 November 2011

New Wool!!! From ColouritGreen in Devon

Today the postman brought me a present - some wool from ColouritGreen in Devon.

Look at the green envelope!!
I love CiG's wool* because:

-it is lovely wool - little bit coarse, little bit soft, lovely for needle felting, good for spinning - everything you could wish for in your wool;

- CiG dyes it fantastic colours - some are commercial dyes, and some are natural. My mediaevalist's imagination will never ceast to be captured by the idea of woad, and the fact that there are still people living on Dartmoor growing and using their own woad - well, it's just quite exciting;

- the wool comes from CiG's own few Devon Closewool sheep on her smallholding, so it fulfils any kindness to animals issues you might think of (and their are some in wool production), and ticks all sustainability and environmental boxes;

for some reason these curls make me think Morgana... after all, everyone knows the Arthurian legends are based in the South West of England (no matter what the Scottish may claim...)

- CiG and her sheep live on Dartmoor, in Devon, very close to the place I myself come from. And although I have left England and would not choose to live on Dartmoor myself, that doesn't mean I don't value it greatly for its clean winds, beautiful landscapes, soft water, stone age villages, amazing plants, very old twisted trees, extreme weather conditions, interesting geology, myths, monsters, lovely ponies, the sea - the list is endless (in fact, if you haven't been there, you should. Though you should also take a look at Exmoor, which is smaller but in many ways superior...).
Dartmoor: image from Wikipedia

CiG can be found on her own website (well worth a browse)

on Etsy

and on Folksy

And a while ago I wrote about ColouritGreen on this blog as part of a series about wool (a series which I haven't finished... it's having a 'break'...!)

*CiG does have a real name, I believe - but I always think of her as CiG. That's the power of good branding...


  1. yay! glad it arrived safe and sound - and you like it - happy felting :)

  2. yup, she'll always be cig ;-)

    that is lovely curly wool, I want to touch it!

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