Friday, 4 November 2011

A surprise in the post today!!! from Florigamigirl.

Today I had a lovely surprise in the letterbox - a parcel from Florigamigirl in Singapore. She makes really clever things out of fabric by folding it like origami, hence the clever name of her shop :-) We did a swap, and this is my half!

First there are the interesting foreign stamps....

Then when I opened it there was the lovely packaging inside...

... which of course I had to open straight away

One of these I am planning to use as a Christmas present (shhh it's a secret), and one I plan to keep for me. Though I may change my mind and keep both. And one is still wrapped up in a little tiny package for Pia when she gets back from Kindergarten!

The amazing quality of these lovely clips is even more evident in the flesh than in Flori's lovely photos. The vintage kimono silk that the flowers are made from is even more silky, the clips have a really solid and well-made feel to them, and the packaging is fantastic.

And she makes many more things than hair clips - here is a taster - take a look!!


  1. Lucky you! The clips are so pretty. I have made those flowers but as small as that. She must be very nimble.

  2. They are amzing! Any sewing is a mystery to me (mine is usually very rough, and covered in my own blood ;-)

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