Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Social Networking!

Apparently social networking is the way forward for small business to advertise. Interacting with customers and potential customers, stepping over the barriers that apply to purchasing online, improving SEO... all good.

And yet I have to say I find Facebook etc extremely time consuming and annoying. I don't want to spend my days fiddling about on my computer looking at what inspiring pictures friends of friends have decided to share with the world. My instinct tells me that social networking is another way of describing prevarication, time wasting and Not Getting On With Some Proper Work.

But of course for me, in my current attempt at running a tiny business, this isn't the case. Social networking is the online equivalent of walking down the street chatting to people and trying to get them interested in my micro-enterprise. And it has the added advantage that the people I (hopefully) reach cybernetically are already mildly interested, rather than being random strangers.

So for this reason I plod on, with my IT illiteracy, in my attempt to grapple with the sundry forms of social networking and online marketing.

And as part of this attempt I'm running my first giveaway. To enter all you have to do is write a comment below confirming that you've
1) Liked my Facebook Page , and
2) Liked my website on Facebook.

When my Facebook Page reaches 100 Likers, I will give each person who has left a comment a number, and select one at random. That person will win 1 small sleeping cat in a colour of their choice.